W E L C O M E   T O   I C R E A T E   

   W H A T   D O E S   S U C C E S S   L O O K   L I K E ?

Whether you are planning a new development, envisioning a massive regeneration project, or selling new homes off plan, you’ve come to the right place.  iCreate is a 3D Visualisation studio that has been supplying CGIs, 3D flythroughs and 3D masterplans to developers, housebuilders and public sector organisations for more than a decade.

{ But we’re more than a CGI company. }

W H O   W E   W O R K   W I T H

  O U R   S E C T O R S  


If you’re building new homes and selling off plan, we’ll help you sell your vision and achieve your goals, from the planning stages through to a full property marketing campaign


A package of CGIs and other services from iCreate will enable you communicate your plans and secure the support of investors, stakeholders, buyers and occupiers


We work with public sector organisations and other agencies to visualise and communicate regeneration proposals and economic development strategy


We welcome enquiries from marketing agencies and other organisations seeking cutting edge visual technologies to engage, inspire, educate and motivate modern audiences

W H A T   W E   D O

  O U R   S E R V I C E S :

Strategy & Vision

At the outset of every project, we take time to understand your vision and identify a strategy for success

CGI for Planning

We provide photomontages, verified views and CGIs for planning applications and visual impact assessment

New Homes Marketing

If you’re selling new homes off plan, we’ll provide the all visuals and marketing collateral your buyers will need


We offer the right expertise, visuals and technology to communicate your proposals and create a shared vision

Exterior CGIs

Breathing life into your 2D drawings and plans, with photorealistic 3D renderings of your proposed developments

Exterior Animation

Take viewers on a journey of discovery around your new development with a fully landscaped 3D flythrough animation

Interior CGIs

Furnished and decorated to your exact specification, our interior CGIs will capture the imagination of your audience

Interior Animation

An interior flythrough is a powerful marketing and presentation tool, selling the vision for any new development

3D Masterplans

For large projects, a 3D masterplan is a flexible 3D asset which is updated over time to reflect your development phases


The iMap is an interactive map application developed by iCreate, suitable for many different types of project


The iPlan is our interactive 3D site plan application, enabling users to explore your site in an intuitive, visual way

Virtual Reality

Immerse your audiences in a compelling vision of the future, engage their emotions and make your plans seem real


Your brand is your promise.  We help clients make an impact through the creation of compelling development brands

Brochures Etc

Our graphic designers have the experience and creativity you need to develop the right print solution for your project

Websites Etc

We specialise in the design and management of property marketing websites for housebuilders and developers


Touchscreens, VR headsets, apps and laptops: we’ll help you identify and source the right tech for your sales suites, events and exhibitions

W E   V A L U E . . .


We live and breathe innovation, leveraging the power of technology to help you achieve your goals.


We bring our whole brains to work, thinking through the challenges you face and coming up with creative, workable solutions.


We are a true family business, value-led not profit-driven.  We really want to help and we build relationships based on trust


The passion and dedication of our team is second to none. We love what we do, and it shows in the work we produce


With almost two decades in the 3D industry, we are masters of our craft, committed to the quality of our work and our service

O U R   C L I E N T S 

  M E E T   S O M E   O F  O U R   G R E A T   C L I E N T S   A N D   P A R T N E R S:

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28 Uplands Crescent, Swansea SA2 0PB

Email: sales@icreate3d.com

Tel: 01792 824 894

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